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Elaine Townsend moved to Charlottesville in 1995 and opened a shop called Ivy House Antiques. After some years, she opened another shop first named Apropos (then due to some confusion over pronounciation) changed name of the shop to Elaine’s Antiques and Gifts.

After 9/11 happened, business as we knew it changed – since the antiques were slow to sell, Elaine looked into new ways in which to keep things going. Creatively, she offered a sewing service and an in-shop work-shop called Trash into Treasure to teach the art of decorative painting on furniture. This was fun but it wasn’t very profitable. After much thought and consideration, Elaine decided to learn the Art of custom engraving on fine gifts. She offers a service that is timeless, traditional and thoughtful. Since the engraving part of her business grew and became more demanding Elaine chose to “stay with it” and concentrated her efforts in this department.

Elaine works with a New Hermes IS400 with a diamond cutter - capable of cutting into Glass, marble, brass, pewter, silver plate and sterling silver. Many of her items are traditional, such as Thomas Jefferson Cups, Virginia Cups, Baby Cups, frames, boxes, clocks and desk accessories to name a few.

But it doesn’t stop there, Elaine isn’t afraid to try something new, she discovered engraving a custom monogram on the world famous Mason Pearson Hairbrushes And filling with gold makes an exceptional personal gift. They’re costly but are Handmade in England and are well worth the investment.

Elaine also discovered she can effectively use the diamond cutter to cut into glass and crystal - looks very pretty or handsome (depending on font style chosen).

Elaine will help you “personalize your world” by engraving your name, number etc. on your IPODs.

A small shop that feels as if you are stepping into a jewelry box filled with all kinds of treasures. Since all the custom engraving is performed on premises, customers can have as much design input or simply leave it to Elaine’s judgement.

Elaine is proud of each piece engraved.


The Engraving Shop • 2125 Ivy Road. Suite 8 • Charlottesville, VA. 22903 • 434.295.6108